Where can I find high-quality guqin?

The external features of a guqin include the body, surface, shaft, and string axis. The body of a guqin is the main part, which can be divided into three types: long body, short body, and small body, with the long body being the mainstream. The visible part on the piano surface has seven string tracks and thirteen badges. The shaft refers to the axle used for the strings, and buyers need to check if it is in good condition and if there is excessive wear. The chord axis refers to the mechanical part used for tuning and also needs to be checked for completeness.
As a musical instrument, the guqin must be able to play. So not resisting fingers, not sanding, and not playing board are essential conditions for an excellent guqin. Then there is the sound. As an exercise, being able to produce a sound is basically enough to satisfy the practice, but as a good friend who accompanies the pianist, the timbre cannot be ignored because it directly relates to the cultivation of the interest of the pianist. A qualified guqin should have a consistent timbre and volume for its scattered, pressed, and overtones. The sound of a guqin should have a sinking feeling, and it is considered good if the sound is not scattered and the charm is long.
As a daily companion, guqin is crucial in terms of timbre, as it is directly related to the cultivation of the player is interest and the fun of playing. Guqin is a plucked instrument with different octaves on each string. The accuracy of the pitch is mainly determined by the accuracy of the emblem position, and the quality of the timbre is the most basic benchmark for identifying the quality of a Guqin. The sound of a good piano is uniform, round, and penetrating. When it comes to the volume at the beginning, it may not necessarily be very loud, but it sounds very powerful and infectious, such as a stone falling into a deep pool, and a small water splash with strength and depth. When playing according to the notes, pay attention to whether the high, medium, and low tones are evenly proportioned. A qualified guqin should have a consistent timbre and volume for its scattered, pressed, and overtones.

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